ABOUT Lunar Leap LLC

Our mission is to assist businesses with their digital transformation. How technology is being used today is transforming, and that threatens to leave a lot of companies behind. We aim to help these companies with their transformation. At the same time, we’ve also been able to help newer, more technologically-included companies build infrastructure and stand out. This is because we already have a track record of bringing the companies of yesteryear to today, and vice versa, allowing us to offer the best of both worlds.

A notable company we’ve been working with is Harvard University, who has been using our Service Orchard. We’ve also been collaborating with Shriner’s Children’s Hospital as well. The company was officially started around March or May 2020. I ended my last venture in 2019. and started consulting on cybersecurity before transitioning into software development. However, I’m still able to keep all engines running on cybersecurity, and I’m perfectly capable of standing my ground against the big threats of today’s digital frontier.

I am the founder and original investor. Nick Longo (spelling needed) is a major investor in the Texas area investing in Property Axe. I always had an interest in technology as a kid. My father ran an accounting software business firm. He passed away unexpectedly, and with my emphasis on IT, I was unable to run the business. This led me to move on to several other ventures.

My last venture was top 3 in the seventh largest market in the US for service providers. Since then, I’ve been focusing more on software development as well as creative branding. Some key personnel include Fares Khalil, who also worked with my father’s company, as well as Vid Luther, who I knew from Nick Longo. Manaj was also a VP on Node throughout my entire time there. Our company address is 110 Houston St, 7th Floor, which is an address a lot of start-ups use.

In terms of growth, we’ve gone from zero to six figures in the first year. In the second year, we doubled and then we quadrupled. We’re on point to go 10x this year. We have Property Axe released, and we have more to come.


Project Planning
In the first step of our process, we’ll perform de tailed discovery and analysis to create a cutting-edge development plan tailor-made to your business goals.
SAAS Integration
By integrating your Software as Service platform, we’ll streamline all your information islands into a common data warehouse that’s both secure and manageable.
Build & Implement
Using Agile methodology, we’ll develop and implement components from the planning stage to launch a powerful and sustainable product.
Software Development
We’ll bring a full arsenal of assets, including a wide assortment of programming languages, databases and state-of-the-art solutions like the MERN Stack, to crack any challenge facing your business.
We make products by following DevOps principle – and reinforcing our products with secure and sturdy architecture.
Infrastructure Planning
Our IT Consulting Services can cut through the noise and information overload to provide you with an objective, unbiased third-party perspective on your business needs.
Technology Consulting Services
Senior Level Expertise bridges the needs of today with the opportunities of tomorrow.
Cyber Security Operations
Did you know an insecure MSP is the latest cause of ransomware? We’ll scour your system for any vulnerabilities while working to seal off your system from any malicious actors.


Technology Planning
We love it when a plan comes together.
From functional specs and guiding documents to roadmaps and pipelines, we’ll use our vast project management experience to translate your project into detailed and achievable milestones, specifications and timelines. Then, using proven project management tools and methodologies, we’ll make it happen.
Application Development for Today
These aren’t your Daddy’s apps.
Running legacy systems leaves you struggling to catch up with your competitors. We understand that your technology is your organisation’s competitive advantage. Using state of the art technology, we’ll stop your systems from becoming dinosaurs by pushing them to evolve into the next phase of the information age.
System Integration
Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Cloud
Traditional apps are being replaced with serverless fabrics capable of executing hire uss within the cloud. This paradigm shift lets companies do more for less. This new way of thinking goes beyond installing your IT department’s latest update. With our help, you can have the best of both worlds, with responsive IT support mixed with agile, cutting-edge technology.
Cyber Ops
Hackers know their way around IT.
Unfortunately, a dedicated IT department isn’t an ironclad guarantee of cybersecurity. You need an unbiased, third-party to conduct a full review of your system and its vulnerabilities. We’ll negotiate with your IT vendors to make sure you get the peace of mind you need – without having to pay for unnecessary expenses.


Abdelrahman Tarek
Abdelrahman Tarek has turned his lifelong passion for technology into several successful ventures. From the account software company owned by his father to managing tech projects for Harvard University and Shriners Children’s Hospital, Abdelrahman Tarek helps companies prepare for the technological hurdles of the digital age. With a penchant for cyber-security and start-up business, Abdelrahman Tarek has become a reliable and trustworthy source in an increasingly-shifting digital frontier.
Fares Khalil
Fares Khalil
Fares Khalil is Lunar Leap LLC jack of all trades.
One of Abdelrahman Tarek’s oldest friends, Fares Khalil worked for over six years as a top sales producer in the RV industry. But Fares' expertise goes far beyond camping, and extends to everything from gold and silver coins to advanced crypto currency. Now Allen is bringing his extensive knowledge in sales, marketing and technology to the Lunar Leap Agency as its elite Business Development Specialist, and the stars are the limit.
Marwan Tarek
Marwan Tarek, the littlest of the Tarek titans, has been wheeling and dealing in the RV world for over six years, reigning as the supreme sales king. But wait, there’s more! Marwan isn’t just a campsite champ; he’s also a wizard with gold and silver coins, and a crypto-currency conjurer. Now, he’s zooming into Lunar Leap Agency with his treasure trove of sales, marketing, and tech savvy to become the star Business Development Specialist. The sky’s not the limit—it’s just the beginning!